_  6

Jurong Huaye increased capital, and expanded production line for notebook computer and parts.


_  5

Moved to the new factory, completed the reconstruction of Conversion and the painting line, redesigned production process flow, and strengthened cleanroom equipment, improving productivity and quality.


_ 10

Invested USD 4.25 million, and established Jurong Huaye New TechnologyIndustry Co., Ltd. in   Jurong city Economic Development Zone, Zenjian, China, the initial period produces the parts for cellphones.


_  9

Set up mold factory, established magnesium alloy mold specialized technology, and started module and the standardized design to reduces the mold producing time.


_  8

Wahhong Magnesium product Division was spun off and became Hong Ya Technology Co., Ltd. on September 1, 2003


_ 11

Obtained Sony green partner certificate, and became Sony’s main supplier for high-tech,  high quality, and new magnesium products




In 1999  Wahhong established the magnesium product division, and introduced the Thixomolding injection process, thus supplying magnesium products for IT/IA & vehicle industries in both domestic & overseas markets.